Back up your audiobook files before schools out

Back up your audiobook files before schools out.

Here's how...

Does your school or district policy state that classroom computers are to be restored before the start of each school year?

If you have downloaded audiobook files to a computer, make sure to back up these files beforehand or your audiobook files may be lost during the computer restoration process.

 Below are instructions for backing up and restoring your audiobook files.


 Backing up your audiobooks: 

1)     Locate (see default location below) and copy your audiobook files to a secure location that will be available next school year, perhaps a folder on the network.

a.      The default location for audiobook files downloaded from an Audible account is:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Audible\Downloads

Note that this location may have been changed during setup or in the AudibleManager options.



Restoring the backup of your audiobooks:

1)     Verify that AudibleManager is still installed. To download AudibleManager, visit to download the free AudibleManager software.

2)     Locate the audiobook files that you backed up. The location of your audiobook files can be found by following these steps:

a.      Open AudibleManager and click "Options" from the Edit menu.

b.      Click the [Change...] button in the Location of Audio Files section.

c.      Note the path in the pop-up window. This is the current location where your audio files are saved.

d.      Click [Cancel] in the Browse for Folder pop-up window.

3)     Copy the audiobook files from the location you noted above, to the AudibleManager download location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Audible\Downloads.

4)     Open AudibleManager and from the File menu click Add Audio Files.

5)     The Import Audio File window will appear. Chose the audiobook files that you would like to have available on the computer.   To multi-select files, hold down your Ctrl key and select each title.

6)     Click the [Import] button. These titles will now be available in the Library within AudibleManager.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions 
   Your Renaissance Coach

Posted 05-18-2010 5:12 PM by Valerie Holden
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